Helping organisations to Thrive,

by energising the wellbeing, resilience and engagement of their people even when things are challenging.

“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.”- Lao Tzu

  • Be informed by the latest in positive psychology & wellbeing science
  • Implement new international mental health and wellbeing standards (ISO45003)
  • Create unique solutions as unique as your organisation and your people
  • Apply practice evidence-based tools
  • Keep things simple, clear and calm

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An Organisation’s

Bespoke Human

Dear Self

Meet Courtney Morrison

Through experiences and insights practicing Human Resources Management in Industry, Community and Not for Profit organisations for more than decade, I couldn’t help but be called to act on a deeper question  
How might authentically caring for the wholeness of people positively influence engagement, performance and untapped potential?
What I observed: 
  • “nice-to-have” statements about valuing people and valuing each other not being backed 
  • people frequently functioning from a place of survival and burnout
  • unintended tension created by jumping to assumptions and tangled communications and relationships
  • heightened levels of anxiety and uncertainty moving into, through and from change
What I found and research suggests, our ability to rethink and care for wellbeing at the levels of me (individual), we (teams) and us (organisation) through both practical and strategic action is more within our reach.  

Courtney is delightful and caring, adding realism to the process allowing the group to work through at their own pace.

Lyndal Hansel

Co-Chief Executive Officer , Not-For-Profit House (NFP House)